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Friday, October 8, 2010

Essay titles - The Pentateuch in the Old Testament

Have also another essay to ponder on the Pentateuch from the Old Testament. Those titles are a little more examination like:

1. Compare and contrast the depiction of God in both the Priestly and the Yahwist accounts of creation. How would you attempt to reconcile the differences to a modern audience?

2. Discuss the relevance of the Passover for both Jews and Christians. Your account should include a thorough examination of the Passover as depicted in the Book of Exodus (and other biblical texts).

3. Evaluate the statement: "The God of the Pentateuch is not a character that modern Christians can relate to, nor should they be expected to."

4. The Pontifical Biblical Commission in 1993 criticised fundamentalist readings of the Bible. Describe how a fundamentalist reading of the Book of Genesis "refuses to admit that the inspired word of God has been expressed in human language and that this Word has been expressed, under divine inspiration, by human authors possessed of limited capacities and resources."


MĂșlier, ecce fĂ­lius tuus, Totus Tuus! Fergal

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