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Friday, August 13, 2010

College Timetable

Seems weird to be talking of college again. I thought those days were over. My last college stint was in 1999-2000 in Trinity College Dublin where I had entered for a Masters in IT in Education but the ould cancer put a stop to that and I had to graduate a year earlier than planned with a postgraduate diploma in IT in Ed. I suppose when it comes to education it's never over is it???

Just when I thought all interviews were over, I received a phone call from the Department that is running the academic side of Diaconate formatione in Mater Dei asking me to attend for an interview on Monday at 2pm. WHAT? WHO? WHY? Then I suddenly remembered I will be away in Tramore all next week and so I can't do it so I made my apologies. The woman on the phone knew I was phased; so much so that she rang back again about 20 mins later to confirm the 2pm appointment even though I thought I said I would be away!!!
She assured me that they will try to fix something up for the week after but between getting the car fixed and going back to school it's going to be tough. Perhaps this is a little taster of things to come time wise!! Things are indeed hotting up and I suppose it's getting exciting. I am looking forward to starting I just hope my poor wife can absorb it all.

As well as that I have received via email a preliminary timetable showing our Saturday obligations for the year. Having being told it would demand 1 Sat in 5, it now transpires that I will be at Mater Dei every Thursday evening and almost every Saturday over the coming year. Oh......... well I suppose it is an academic year and only for 8 months not twelve. Reminder to self: KEEP HOLY THE SABBATH! It must become a sacrosanct Family Day. Unfortunately, the Saturday morning scouting has to take a back seat so I have contacted the leader put that on hold for as long as I need to. I will miss that since I loved the trips out, the hiking and the tours but I am not leaving just putting it on hold till whenever.

School timetable looking good so far. There is talk of a half day on Monday and late starts Wed and Thurs. Please, dear God, don't let me lose the 1/2 day on Mon at least then I can pick up the kids from school on that day.

MĂșlier, ecce fĂ­lius tuus, Totus Tuus! Fergal

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  1. Good Luck! Now the fun begins for you! Great blog!



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