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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Little History

Ok!! Welcome!

Where does one begin when they start a new blog? No harm with a bit of history on the whole subject of my journey to date. Just a word of warning though, I do tend to ramble. There again I am probaby only writing this for myself!! Hehehe. I can't claim that I have ever held a captive audience through the medium of writing. Being a teacher of Maths and Science if I have ever held an audience it was because of facts and figures; bullets easily shot from the gun of lifelong learning.

Anyway on with the story........
It is true to say that from my earliest days I always wanted to be a Priest. Whilst other boys around me spent their time fantasising about trips to the moon, catching robbers and driving buses and trains, as most normal boys do, I had my mind fixed on just one role: that of being a Priest and being able to say Holy Mass. It was never a secret nor was it ever held away from the ears of any that were willing to listen. I can vividly remember the wonderful desire that would fill me whenever I passed a Church; especially one I had not ever visited. A deep desire would come over me to visit and see inside the magical realm and taste the silence that shouted about the presence of God. One of my earliest memories of this quest for God was in Athlone. It was my first mind recorded visit to the magnificent Church of St Peter's and Paul's in the centre of the town. I was about 3 or 4 cause I remember being carried my my Dad from the car to the church porch and was ever so excited to be visiting the sign that we always associated with our arrival into Athlone. For those of you who are not familiar with the building, it is, in all elements, a grandiose masterpiece. Somewhat misplaced as a Church and more aligned to a Cathedral the building has as its centrepiece, a High Altar which is modelled on the High Altar at St. Peters in Rome. Truely magnificent. The dream of laying eyes on this special House of God was short lived. Just as the door of the church opened, i ran into it and gave my head an awful wallop. I was carried back out again and home.

Deep love for the Church and all things Ecclesial from a very young age.
Serving Mass
Fr Andrew O'Toole's influence
Clonliffe College
Friendly Advice
Maynooth to Study Science
Pilgrimage to Fatima
Continued Spiritual Growth

MĂșlier, ecce fĂ­lius tuus, Totus Tuus!

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